Friday, November 7, 2014

Homeschool Room

Setting up a study room is very important when you decided to homeschool.  In my experience, my children needed to identify a place where we will do our classes.  It doesn't need to look like a real school but I chose to do my very best to make it look like one.  I use decors which I tell you not expensive.  I do not need to spend big budget for this.  What matters is to keep the room organized. For the past two years that we started homeschooling I couldn't remember how many times I have re-organized our classroom.  One of the main reasons why I do this; is to break boredom looking at our room.  New look of our room adds up excitement conducting our classes.  Classroom themes are also helpful whenever introducing new lessons for them.  It really takes time but I am enjoying doing these things for my children.  And I also have to admit I am still not doing everything perfectly as I am limited of time and energy having a lot of things to accomplish aside from this.    

I will show you the latest look of our homeschool room.  This is also to document our homeschooling so my children can have a look at it after few years.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Getting Ready for our New Baby

We're glad to be back home from the hospital.  It was around 6pm (October 30) when I started to feel contractions.  I have been working so hard the past few weeks getting things ready before delivering our baby.  To tell you I still have a lot of work undone till these contractions happen.  At first I really am not sure if these contractions will pursue.  Upon monitoring every contractions were of 25-minute interval.  I consulted my doctor and advised us to go to the hospital.  At the back of my mind I am not yet ready to give birth thinking of some works that I should have finished.  Pakner4lyf had a lot of schedules the next day that caused him to cancel all of his appointments because he needed to bring me in the hospital.  It took us a long time before we went to the hospital.  Husband needed to go to the supermarket first and from there he had unexpected incidences that caused him longer delays.  Me, while waiting continued to  monitor every contractions I am having.  

Husband finally came, they immediately pull out the groceries he bought for our bakeshop then loaded my things I needed to bring in the hospital and off we go.  We are favored not to encounter heavy traffic on the road.  When we came I was about 2 - 3 cm and I am having contractions at a 10- minute interval.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Clay Modelling and Play Pretend

Does your child loves to play with clay?  Do they love to play pretend too?  My children do love making things out of clay and they do love to play pretend.

Today I have granted their request of letting them play with clay.  We have bought a book guide teaching how to make some figures out of clay and they are excited to try it.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Can't Stand the Heat...Stay out of the Kitchen

Husband took a photo of this poster in one of baking supplies we have visited this month.  I agree with the message but before good things happens from a bakeshop, we bakers needed to stand the heat in the process.  Lots of sweat, labor and hard work before having the sweetest result.  Below are the recent cakes I made and had some troubles making them in the process I didn't even know why.